Want to make the holidays happier for a local kid in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program?

It’s easy and fun! Here’s what you do:

1. Pick a kid (or kids!) from the list below and fill out the required fields in the form. You’ll receive a confirmation of your kid(s) via email. As back up, please write down your kid(s) information in case that email does not make it to you.

2. Go shopping and remember everyone who’s on your list! Please get a gift receipt if possible, especially for clothing/boots/shoes.

3. Bring the unwrapped & labeled gift with the name, age, location of your kid(s), to one of our handy drop-off locations by Friday, December 11. Please do not use a Post-It Note for labeling; they fall off.

– Amherst: Leader Home Center, 150 College Street (Route 9).
– Brattleboro: Leader Home Center, 225 Marlboro Road (Route 9).
– Easthampton, Galaxy Restaurant, 60 Main Street.
– Greenfield, Leader Home Center, 1123 Bernardston Road, (Routes 5 & 10).
– Northampton, The River studios, 15 Hampton Ave.

Thanks for bringing some holiday joy to a local kid in need!

The River’s Cares for Kids campaign is supported by these fine sponsors: USA Waste and Recycling, UMass Five College Credit Union,All Energy Solar,Fitness Together, Freedom Credit Union,  Galaxy, Leader Home Centers, and Renaissance Builders.

Adam10GreenfieldHome Depot Gift Card
AJ13Amherstwinter gloves with touch screen capability, winter boots or red hightops (mens size 10), black puffer jacket, sweatpants (mens small), red hoodie sweatshirt (mens med), red full length curtains for bedroom
Albert3AmherstSnow pants, snow jacket (boys size 4T), Musical instruments like toddler guitar, drum, or baby piano
Ali 12AmherstHats and mittens, leggings, hoodie, sweatpants, socks, solid colored tshirts - not bright colors (small Jr girls), hair accessories, nail polish, lotion, makeup
Alicia 11Amherst Warm Winter Coat Girl's Size 12, Warm Winter Boots Women's size 3-1/2, hat, scarf, socks, books
Amanda11Amherst Warm Winter Coat (Women's Medium), Warm Winter Boots (size 8)
Anaiya3Amherst Warm Winter Coat Girl's 6, Warm Winter Boots Girl's 6
Andrew14Brattleborolong sleave t-shirts any color small petite man or kids size 16/18 or gift cards to Sam's outdoor outfitters or target
Angel12Amherst Warm Umass Hoodie (Boys' Size 12 or Men's Medium?), Sneakers (Size 6), Contoller for Xbox-1 (wireless) if possible
Anna11GreenfieldTarget Gift Card
Ariel10BrattleboroMP3 player or an Ariana Grande hooded sweatshirt size girls 14/16/xl (favorite color is pink)
Arielle 14Northamptonwinter coat (womens 2xl), gloves and hat (xl), make up kit
Ava5South Hadley Dress up stuff, LOLdolls, outdoors toys or toys for playing pretend
Bella13Brattleboroclothes especially a jacket size small in junior girls likes the colors black, blue and pink
Ben11NorthamptonBoots (boys size 4), snow pants (boys size 18/20), hat, gloves, magic mold clay, Marvel action figures, nerf gun, superhero legos
Billy14BrattleboroSam's Outdoor outfitters gift certificate, Runnings gift card
Brayden18 monthsBrattleborobooks
Breanne16BrattleboroLucky Nails in Brattleboro gift certificate, Target gift card
Caleb10Turners FallsWhite airforce nike sneakers size 6
Caroline11Amherst Warm Winter Coat (Women's Medium), Warm Winter Boots (size 8-1/2)
Carrie15Brattleboroskatebord or gift card to Beadniks on main st. Brattleboro
Carson10GreenfieldAmazon Gift Card
Cassandra13Gillpefume & face masks
Chad1Amherstwinter clothes (size 3t), boots (size 2), musical toys
Charlotte8Turners FallsClaire's Gift Card
Chris9Amherst Warm Winter Coat (Men's Small), Warm Winter Boots (size 8-1/2)
Christopher9BrattleboroHarry Potter Legos, or Serious Black Wizarding Wand
Christopher15GreenfieldMicrosoft Gift Card
Claire18BernardstonWorld Eye Bookstore Gift Card
Clive12South Hadley Boxlunch or Hot Topic giftcard (for clothing)
Cole13Amherst Warm Winter Coat (size men's large), Boots (size 8), hat, socks, hooded sweatshirt
Colton13GreenfieldBarnes and Noble Gift Card
Connor11Brattleboroanything cat related he also loves reading so a cat book/s would be a huge hit
Cynthia10Northfieldslime kit
Daniel14GreenfieldBarnes and Noble Gift Card
Davidson11Amherst Warm Winter Coat Boys Size 12, Warm Winter Boots Size 5
Deborah10South Deerfield15lb weighted blanket
Deyenna9Amherst Warm Winter Coat Girls' Medium, Warm Winter Boots Girls' size 13, hat, scarf, gloves, PJs, coloring and reading books
Dylan9Greenfieldthomas and friends wooden train
Edwin12Amherst Warm Winter Coat Men's Medium, Warm Winter Boots Men's 10
Eli10BrattleboroHarry Potter Legos or Sketch pad with drawing/coloring supplies
Elisabeth11Amherst Warm Winter Coat Women's Small, Warm Winter Boots Women's Size 6
Ella10South Deerfieldfidget cube and board
Emily14Brattleboroclothes especially a jacket size small in junior girls likes the colors black, blue and pink
Eric 10Brattleboro1.Remote control robot and 2.Cozy warm zipper sweat shirt or t shirt or pant—- size 14/16 ( large). Thanks! Favorite colors are yellow and blue
Ethan15MontaguePlaystation gift card
Eva2Amherstwinter jacket and snow pants (girls size 5t), boots (girls size 7t)
Eva8Turners FallsTarget Gift Card
Evan12GreenfieldGreenfield Games Gift Card
Eve9Brattleborobarbie doll or winter boots and warm long socks(knee high) size 7 women
Evelyn15HeathOld Navy Gift Card
Frankie 13Amherstwinter boots (mens 8), winter clothing (size 18 kids), books, anything Marvel
Gabrielle9Hadleysnow boots (womens size 7), winter coat (kids xl), mittens, hat, books: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, Ms Piggle Wiggles Farm, Series of Unfortunate Events, or any books having to do with animals
Gary10Turners Fallsa new basketball
George12GreenfieldGreenfield Games Gift Card
Gloria9NorthamptonBoots (girls size 3), clothes-tops and pants (girls size 10/12)
Grace10AmherstCoat (girls size 10/12), snow pants (girls 10/12), winter boots (size 2), drawing and painting supplies, paper
Grace15BrattleboroLego Friends and or sharpie marker sets
Harry11AmherstSam's gift card, biking gloves (size men's small), Hydroflask Waterbottle 16 oz.
Hazel12Greenfielddark grey pullover hoodie
Heather18BernardstonAmazon Gift Card
Henry13MontaguePlaystation gift card
Holly10NorthamptonCoat (girls xl), boots (womens size 7), hat and mittens or gloves (large), craft supplies, legos
Hope15HeathAmazon Gift Card
Ivan5Northamptonboots (size 13 boys), clothes (size 5 boys), batman themed toys or Paw patrol
Jackson5Amherst Warm Winter Coat Boy's 7/8, Warm winter Boots size 1, Warm pants 7/8, hats, gloves, matchbook cars, reading and coloring books
Jackson14Brattleboromens small nike sweatshirt, legos
Jaleena9Amherst Warm UMass Hoodie Kids' Size 7, Warm Boots ("with Butterflies" if possible) Size 2, Charger for iPhone
James12Greenfieldxbox shooting game bioshock or destiny 2
Jason10Bellows Falls10 Police Bed Set & shirt size 14/16 shoes size 4, blue is favorite color
Javien13Amherst Warm Winter Coat Men's Medium, Warm Winter Boots Size 11
Jay7AmherstHats and mittens, pants, shirt, sweatpants, hoodie or sweater (size 6 boys), snow boots (boys size 11/12), anything Fortnight or toystory, headphones, remote control car or truck
Jeff6AmherstCoat, snow pants (boys size 5T), winter boots (size 10), anything superhero - Spiderman especially! or anything sports
Jemell9Amherst Warm Winter Coat Boy's 12, Warm Winter Boots Boy's 5, Science and Mineral Kits
Jennifer8Turners FallsMoon in my room nightlight
Jess14AmherstHats and mittens, pants or leggings (size 3/4 jr girls), sweatpants (med), socks, tshirt (small, solid colors not bright colors), makeup / hair accessories, lotion, board game
Jill13NorthamptonSweatpants, jacket (women's small), winter shoes/boots (women's size 6)
Jill9GreenfieldJoanne Fabrics Gift Card
Joanne10Northfieldanything panda themed
John14South DeerfieldGreenfield Games Gift Card
Jolie10Northamptonboots (size 7 womens), clothing (womens small), art supplies
Jonny10AmherstCoat (boys size 14), snow pants (size 14), winter boots (size 3), family board game, card games
Josh15Amherst Warm Winter Coat Men's 2X-Large, Warm Winter Boots size 13
Josh13Brattleboro, Anything anime- especially SwordArt. Art supplies.
Juny7Amherst Warm Winter Coat Boy's 12, Warm Winter Boots Boy's 4
Kathleen12South DeerfieldMarshall's Gift Card
Kaylin9Amherst Warm Winter Coat Women's Small, Warm Winter Boots size 7-1/2
Kev2NorthamptonSnow pants, jacket (2T), shoes (size 6 Toddler)
Kimberly11Turners Fallstablet and case
Klemant9Amherst Warm Winter Coat Boy's 10/12, Warm Winter Boots Men's size 7
Kristin11South DeerfieldTarget Gift Card
Landon9GreenfieldPajamas boys size 10
Laura17BrattleboroHarley Quinn movie or art stuff (likes to draw, color or make collages)
Lendaro13Amherst Warm Winter Coat Boys' Size 13, Warm Winter Boots Size 7, Science Materials
Leo8Amherst Warm Winter Coat Boys' size 14/16 , Warm winter Boots size 6, Math Materials, Drawing Materials
Levi13GreenfieldMicrosoft Gift Card
Liam17Brattleboronike sweatshirt, men's medium and nike socks ( any color he is a big nike fan)
Liam 2Amherstwinter jacket and snow pants (boys size 6t), winter boots (size 10 kids), tonka trucks and cars
Lillian8Orangeplay doh or clay crafts
Lily11BrattleboroLucky Nails in Brattleboro gift certificate, ulta gift certificate
Lily 8BelchertownArts and Crafts kit or supplies
Lincoln15GreenfieldAmazon Gift Card
Lino13Amherst UMass Hoodie (Boys 13 or Men's Med), Sneakers - Black HighTop (like "AirForce1") Size 7, Contoller for Xbox-1 (wireless) if possible
Livy 11Amherstshoes (girls size 2), sweatpants, sweatshirt (girls size 10), flannel shirts (girls size 12), clay
Lucas12GreenfieldTarget Gift Card
Lucy8Turners FallsGlow in the dark blanket
Maddy16HinsdaleArt Supplies /canvas, paint, easel, brushes etc. or Gift Cards for toadstool book store or Bull Moose
Madyra9Amherst Warm Winter Coat Girls' 14/15, Warm Winter Boots size 7, pajamas, reading materials, LOL Dolls
Maggie13NorthamptonJeans (women's size 7/8), long sleeved T-shirts (Women's medium, dark blue, red, gray)
Mark13GreenfieldAmazon Gift Card
Matthew15MontagueTarget Gift Card
May13BrattleboroNike sweat pants and hoodie size boys large (favorite colors are red, black or white) or Pokemon or Starwars Lego's
Maya9GillClaire's Gift Card
Melissa9Amherst Warm Winter Coat Girls' Size 12, Warm Winter Boots Size 2, hat, scarf, gloves, PJs, coloring books, books
Mia8Brattleboroclothes especially a jacket size small in junior girls likes the colors black, blue and pink
Michelina10Amherst Warm Winter Coat Junior size Medium, Warm Winter Boots Women's size 4/5, hat, scarf, socks, books
Mikail 12AmherstWinter gloves, coat, button down shirt, sweat pants, and/or PJs (men's xl), chapter books -7th grade level, books on how to draw
Mike17BrattleboroGift Certificiate to the Main Street Barber Shop in Brattleboro or Blue , adult sized men's lined rain jacket
Misha10AmherstTarget or Toy Box Gift Card
Missy12AmherstJeans (women's size 00), long sleeved hoodie sweaters (white, light green)
Mitell12Amherst Warm Winter Coat Men's Large, Warm Winter Boots Men's 10-1/2
Nadine2South Hadley Outdoor toys, disney-themed toys
Naomi14GillCinemark Gift Card
Nathan7NorthamptonCoat (kids lg), boots (boys size 3), mittens or gloves (medium kids), craft supplies, legos
Nick10Amherst Warm Winter Coat Men's Medium, Warm Winter Boots Men's 9-1/2
Nina4Amherstwinter jacket and snow pants size 7, hat, mittens, snow boots (size 1), barbies
Noah17GreenfieldGift Card to Dick's Sporting Goods
Noah6BrattleboroNinjas, legos
Olive8AmherstSnow pants (black), jacket (girls size 7/8 colors: Pink or Purple), painting and paper supplies
Oliver16Turners FallsNike Store Gift Card
Olivia17Brattleboroclothes especially a jacket size small in junior girls likes the colors black, blue and pink
Paul11PutneyBike tools,tool kits/box ,woodworking anything like that or gift card hardware store,sports store ,bike store anything like that he is into
Penelope11Turners Fallstablet and case
Renee13South Hadley Target or Walmart giftcard
Richard17GreenfieldGift Card to American Eagle Clothing
Robin11GreenfieldBeyblades and stadium
Rosa10NorthamptonCoat (girls size 14/16), snow pants, hat, gloves, sketch pad, sketching pencils, magic mold clay
Sam10AmherstSnow pants (black), jacket (boys size 10/12 colors: Blue or Green)
Samantha9Turners Fallsheadphones
Sara8Bellows FallsShirts/Dresses size kids/girls 10/12 Pants size 8 shoes size 3, ( favorite color pink, purple, blue ) LOL Dolls
Scarlett11GreenfieldTarget Gift Card
Sean13South HadleyAmazon / Target / Walmart Gift Card
Sean13Brattleborogames and science kits
Seth13Amherst Warm winter Coat Men's X-Large, Warm winter Boots size 9-1/2, Science Materials
Skylar12GreenfieldInterskate 91 Gift Card
Stella13Gillfuzzy blanket and sweatpants size 12
Susan8Orangejewelry box
Theodore14Northfieldpokemon cards
Thomas16Turners FallsAmazon Gift Card
Timothy13MontagueTarget Gift Card
Tina9BelchertownDiamond Dots Kits (available at Joann Fabrics), or any Arts and Crafts supplies
Vicki9Turners Fallsheadphones
Violet11Shelburne Fallsgift card to target
Virginia11Shelburne Fallsgift card to amazon
Wendy12GreenfieldGift Card Target
Xach14Amherst Warm Winter Coat Men's Medium, Warm Winter Boots Men's 9-1/2
Yen 15AmherstJeans (women's size medium) , long sleeved hoodie sweaters (white, lIght blue or pink)
Zalmani15Amherst Warm Umass Hoodie (Women's Large), Warm Winter Boots ("Uggs" if possible) Women's Size 5
Zane14Northfieldlego set

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