Want to make the holidays happier for a local kid in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program?

It’s easy and fun! Here’s what you do:

1. Pick a kid (or kids!) from the list below and fill out the required fields in the form. You’ll receive a confirmation of your kid(s) via email. As back up, please write down your kid(s) information in case that email does not make it to you.

2. Go shopping and remember everyone who’s on your list! Please get a gift receipt if possible, especially for clothing/boots/shoes.

3. Bring the unwrapped & labeled gift with the name, age, location of your kid(s), to one of our handy drop-off locations by Tuesday, December 13. Please do not use a Post-It Note for labeling; they fall off.

Brattleboro: Brattleboro Food Co-op at 2 Main Street.
Shelburne Falls: McCusker’s Market at 3 State Street.
Greenfield: 1) PV Squared Solar at 311 Wells Street and 2) Green Fields Market at 144 Main Street.
Amherst: Simple Gifts Farm at 1089 N Pleasant Street.
Cummington: The Old Creamery Coop, 445 Berkshire Trail/Route 9.
Hadley: UMassFive College Federal Credit Union at 200 Westgate Center Drive.
Northampton: 1) UMassFive College Federal Credit Union at 225 King Street and 2) The WRSI studios at 15 Hampton Avenue
Easthampton: Galaxy Restaurant at 60 Main Street
South Deerfield: Atlas Farm Store at 218 Greenfield Road
Williamsburg: Bread Euphoria on Route 9 at the Northampton/Williamsburg line

Thanks for bringing some holiday joy to a local kid in need!

The River’s Cares for Kids campaign is supported by these fine sponsors: USA Waste and RecyclingUMass Five College Credit Union, Finck and Perras Insurance, and Freedom Credit Union.

    ChooseNameAgeGenderTownRequestColor Preferences
    Alexandra17FemaleBrattleboroclothes any color (pants women's 12, shirts large) Target gift card
    Alice12FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Size Juniors Small), Warm Winter Boots (Women's size 10 Slim)Dark blue, any dark color
    Allie14FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Women's Size Small), Warm Winter Boots (Women's Size 5)Black, White
    Andrew11MaleAmherstWinter Coat (Youth/Boys Size 16 or XL), Winter Boots (Mens Size 8.5)Bright Blue or Blue
    Annie10FemaleBrattleboromy life doll & accessories
    Arthur12MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Boys Size 16-18 or XXL), Winter Boots (Mens Size 9)Black
    Ashley12MaleBrattleborolol dolls, lilo &stitch blanket
    Athena3FemaleFlorenceTarget Gift CardN/A
    Aubrey18FemaleGreenfieldNew LG charger
    Beverly13FemaleGreenfieldGift Card for Tracfone minutes
    Brenda11FemaleGreenfieldDevernez globe light
    Cabbie 3MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Boys Size Large), Warm Winter Boots (Toddler Size 10)Orange, Yellow
    Carrie14FemalePutneyHoverboard, make up set
    Carson15MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Men's Size XL), Warm Winter Boots (Men's Size 10.5)Black, White, Blue
    Claire13FemaleGreenfieldClothes, stylish adult outfits for school. She's a 14/16 petite pants and XLR shirt or dress size. She's 8 1/2 w. Or a 9 in women's shoes.
    Collete1FemaleGreenfieldVtech Explore and Write Activity Desk
    Collin5MaleAthensLearning toys and Chewies( sensory)
    Connor17MaleGreenfieldDick's Sporting Goods Gift Card
    Dan10MalePutneyHoverboard, Lego set
    Elsie10FemaleGreenfieldYouth size Medium (size 8 tops & bottoms) Hello Kitty clothes (or pajamas)
    Emily10FemaleBrattleboroBoots 7W, clothes small (likes the color black)
    Emma6FemaleBrattleborobluey toy & puzzles
    Erika16FemaleGreenfieldGift card to Target
    Eva4FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Girls Size Medium), Warm Winter Boots (Toddler Size 9)Yellow
    Ezra10MaleGreenfieldSize 18/20 boys pants & shirts
    Frankie15MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Men's Size Medium), Warm Winter Boots (Men's size 9)Black
    Gia10FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Girl's Size XL), Warm Winter Boots (Big Kids/Woman's size 5)black, greys, greens, red, or white
    Ginger16FemaleAthensSeries of Unfortunate events and Hoverboard
    Gordon12MaleGreenfieldCar building models for ages 12+
    Grayson15MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Men's Size Large), Warm Winter Boots (Men's Size 9.5)black, greys, greens, red, or white
    Gregory14MaleGreenfieldRoblox Gift Card
    Hallie12FemaleNorthamptonWarm Winter Coat (JUNIORS size large or Women's Small), Warm Winter Boots (Women's size 9)Any color
    Hannah12FemaleSpringfieldPET Simulator X - Mystery Pet Minifigures , Roblox bed set twin size (gaming bed set)
    Hazel13FemaleGreenfieldLaptop accessories ( Headphones with mic, mouse, cleaning tools )
    Helen14FemaleGreenfieldTarget Gift Card
    Henry13MaleGreenfieldRoblox Gift Card (called Robux)
    Henry13MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Size Men's Medium)black, gray, blue
    Hunter13MaleGreenfieldYouth size Large Champion hoodie and sweatpants (youth size 12 for tops & bottoms)
    Ian4MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Boys Size Medium), Winter Boots (Little Kids Size 11)Black
    Ian12MaleVernongraphic novels, remote cars
    Iris5FemaleChesterDoll house and Barbies
    Jackson11MaleAmherstWinter Coat (Mens Size Medium), Winter Boots (Mens Size 10)Black or Red
    Jay17FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Women's Size Small), Warm Winter Boots (Women's Size 6)black, greys, greens, red, or white
    JJ10MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Boys Size Large), Warm Winter Boots (Kids Size 1)Red, Blue, Purple
    Johnny12MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Men's Size Small), Warm Winter Boots (Men's Size 8)black, greys, greens, red, or white
    Josiah8MaleGreenfieldNPET Pro Skateboard 31 inch 7 layer
    Joy,17FemalePutneyHoverboard, make up set
    Justice13FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Womens Size Medium), Warm/Tall Winter Boots (Womans Size 5)Black, Light Pink
    Justin8MaleChesterWinter pajamas size 8 or 10/12, Legos
    Justin12MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Men's size small or Juniors XLarge), Warm Winter Boots (Men's size 7.5)Blue and Black
    Khloe9FemaleBrattleborotoy phone, bath toys
    Kiko8MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Size Boys Small), Warm Winter Boots (Toddler Size 10)Red
    Kyler11MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Boys Size XL), Winter Boots (Mens Size 8.5)Red
    Layla11FemaleAmherstTarget gift cardN/A
    Lenny11MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Size Men's Large), Warm Winter Boots (Size Men's 8.5)Blue, Black
    Leo12MaleGreenfieldAdidas light blue or red hoodie size 14-16
    Lexy13FemaleGreenfieldVideo games, either splattoon for the switch or games like hogworts legacy fir ps4
    Liam4MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Youth Size 10/12 Large), Warm Winter Boots (Kids size 2)Blue
    Liam12MaleGreenfieldRoblox gift card
    Lilly13FemaleShutesburyWinter Coat (Womens Size Medium), Winter Boots (Womens Size 8)Black
    Lucas10MaleGreenfieldLego Minecraft The Illager Raid
    Marcie14FemaleFlorenceWarm Winter Coat (Size Women's Small) Blue and Black
    Margaret11FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Size Girl's Large), Warm Winter Boots (Size Women's 8)Blue, Green, Black
    Marsha10FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Girl's Size Medium), Warm Winter Boots (Big Kids/Women's size 5)Any Color
    Mason1MaleGreenfield12in bicycle with training wheels for a boy
    Matthew16MaleGreenfieldWinter boots size men's 14 extra wide
    Maxwell9MaleBrattleboroNerf guns, art supplies
    May12FemalePutneyHoverboard, make up set
    Maya12FemaleGreenfieldPs4 controller
    Miles12MaleGreenfieldCinemark Gift Card
    Olivia6FemaleBrattleboroguitar , heelies wheeled sneakers, 1.5 youth pink or any color
    Owen15MaleGreenfieldSolution 3 Nintendo switch game
    Quincy3MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Toddler Size 4T), Winter Boots (Toddler Size 9)Blue or Red
    Ray16MaleAmherstTarget gift cardN/A
    Roman11MaleGreenfield9 drum practice pad electronic
    Ross17MaleBellows FallsT shirt, men's large , gift card Target
    Sammy Dean12MaleBrattleborogift card to amazon or Target
    Scarlet1FemaleGreenfieldBaby Balance Bike
    Scott8MaleBrattleboroLegos, heelies wheeled sneakers 2 youth blue or any color
    Sebastian11MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat (Boys Size Large), Winter Boots (Boys Size 5)Green
    Shawn11MaleGreenfieldWireless blue tooth compatible microphone
    Tara15FemaleBrattleboroBoots 7W, clothes small (likes the color black)
    Wren11NonbinaryEasthamptonWarm Winter Coat (Women's Size Medium), Warm Winter Boots (Size Woman's 7.5)Black

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    By clicking “confirm” you understand that you are responsible for getting gifts for all the kids you have chosen. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. Check your spam folder if you do not receive it, and as back-up, please write down your kid's information in case that email does not make it to you. The chosen children will no longer be shown on the list above.