Want to make the holidays happier for a local kid in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program?

It’s easy and fun! Here’s what you do:

1. Pick a kid (or kids!) from the list below and fill out the required fields in the form. You’ll receive a confirmation of your kid(s) via email. As back up, please write down your kid(s) information in case that email does not make it to you.

2. Go shopping and remember everyone who’s on your list! Please get a gift receipt if possible, especially for clothing/boots/shoes.

3. Bring the unwrapped & labeled gift with the name, age, location of your kid(s), to one of our handy drop-off locations by Tuesday, December 14. Please do not use a Post-It Note for labeling; they fall off.

– Amherst: Hamshaw Lumber (formerly Leader), 150 College Street (Route 9).
– Brattleboro: Hamshaw Lumber (formerly Leader), 225 Marlboro Road (Route 9).
– Greenfield: Hamshaw Lumber (formerly Leader), 1123 Bernardston Road, (Routes 5 & 10), or Lundgren Honda, 409 Federal Street.
– Hadley: UMass Five College Credit Union, 200 Westgate Center Drive.
– Northampton: The River studios, 15 Hampton Ave. or UMass Five College Credit Union, 225 King Street

Thanks for bringing some holiday joy to a local kid in need!

The River’s Cares for Kids campaign is supported by these fine sponsors: USA Waste and RecyclingUMass Five College Credit Union, All Energy Solar, Finck and Perras Insurance, Freedom Credit Union,  Lundgren Auto Group, and Hamshaw Lumber.

ChooseNameAgeGenderTownRequestColor Preferences
Alan11BrattleboroLong underwear top and bottom, slipper.size kids X-Large and shoe 6 and half, Warm socks and remote control plane or helicopter
Alexis18GreenfieldGift Card to Sephora
Alice11FemaleAmherst10-12 Slim pants, shoe size is 1-1/2 - 2 girls. (No winter gear needed)Blue, Red, Purple
Alice18GreenfieldQueen Size Bed Set
Allie13FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Womans Medium, Warm Winter Boots Women's size 4, hats, scarves, socks, booksblack
Anna15GreenfieldGift Card to Old Navy
Annabelle17BrattleboroBeadniks and McDonalds gift cards
Ara6FemaleSouth HadleyShoe/Boot Size: Kids 12-1, Clothing Size: kids 7-8 (Likes Unicorns)purple, rainbow, black, Themes: *Unicorns
Ari13FemaleAmherst4/5 in Boot size; Size 0 in jeans, small/medium in sweatpants small/medium in short sleeve shirts/sweaters/hoodies, small in womens coatsDark colors and neutral colors
Arielle12FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Women's Medium, Warm Winter Boots Women's Size 8
Ashley15FemaleFlorenceBoots - Size 11, womens Coats - 1X Womensblack
Audrey10Greenfield'Pop Movies' Lilo and Stitch and Boo from Monsters Inc.
Avery14FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Womans Large, Warm Winter Boots Women's size 5-1/2 - 6
Barbara9GreenfieldCoraline Twin Size blanket and bed sheets
BenMaleNorthamptonSize 6 in Boots, Small in men's shirts, size 18 in Big Boy stretchy jeans, Need snow pantsBlack, orange, blue, green
Brenda9GreenfieldReborn Baby Doll
Brian8Putney likes hot wheels, dinosaurs, toys he can manipulate or build, Legos, stuffed animal tiger or lion.
Caleb10SpringfieldAnimal Crossing game for Nintendo Switch Lite, Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut Lego Set
Caleb13GreenfieldRobux gift card (for use in the video game - Roblox)
Callie14Brattleboroleggings or jogging pants (black) size 7 women's/med, socks
Carl11MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Men's Large, Warm Winter Boots Men's Size 9-1/2
Carrie10BrattleboroAnything American girl doll or Walmart or Target brand doll items dolls clothes, Love's gift cards
Carrie10FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Women's Medium, Warm Winter Boots Women's Size 7-1/2
Carson14MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Men's Large, Boots mens size 9 hats, socks, large red or green hoodiesblack
Catie14FemaleSouth HadleyTarget or Old Navy giftcard (mother said: We are all set for clothes)
Charlie9MaleHadleyCoat - Boys Medium/Boots - Youth 4blue
Chloe10Athens Baby Alive
Claire11GreenfieldUGG Casey 3 pc Comforter Set, Queen Size, Galcier Grey (or any of the colors) https://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/store/product/ugg-casey-3-piece-comforter-set/5460576?brandId=5042
Clara9GreenfieldChapter books, Barbie stuff ,
Connie9FemaleAmherstGift card to Old Navy or Target
Connor12GreenfieldRobux gift card (for use in the video game - Roblox)
Cooper9GreenfieldLego sets
Cora11BrattleboroWinter coat size 14-16 girls and art supplies
Cora13FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Women's Medium, Warm Winter Boots Women's Size 8
Daisy12BrattleboroBeadniks giftcard, Amazon gift card
Dan13MaleAmherstTarget or Walmart giftcard
Dan11GreenfieldAdidas hoodie size 14-16
Danny9MaleAmherst8 - 8-1/2 Shoe size.Dark Blue, Black, Red,
Elijah14GreenfieldBEYBLADE Burst Avatar Attack Battle Set Game
Ella10FemaleNorthamptonBoots - Size 5 Kids Coats - 14/16 Girlsblack
Ellis13MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Men's Large, Warm Winter Boots Men's Size 12
Elsie8.5GreenfieldKids guitar or anything arts and crafts
Emma8.5GreenfieldLOL surprise toy
Eric 16GreenfieldHand weights
Ethan5GreenfieldPlay clothes, socks and underwear (characters: spiderman, paw patrol, and PJ masks) boys size 6. Shoe size 1 boys.
Eva3FemaleAmherstClothes 6 Toddler and boots #8Pink (Any shade of pink)
Eve10BrattleboroClothes size M women's (purple, browns, pinks) Wigs
Evelyn8FemaleAmherstInterested in donating to the cause. Not in need of clothes.Blue, red and blue
Evelyn11GreenfieldJazzlyn wants a trac Smartphone. No specific color or brand
Florence11GreenfieldMinutes for her trac phone
Frankie14MaleAmherstMedium Men's size shirts. Pants size 20; Boots size 8 MediumBlue and Green
Fred2Springfield 2. Dinosaurs, shape sorter
Gabe8GreenfieldDoll clothes for baby boy doll
Gary13GreenfieldAdidas sweat/track pants, black, size 14 girls or small adult. Tapered legs, not boot cut at bottom.
Gelle10FemaleHadleyCoat - Girls XL Boots - 7 1/2 womensblack/grey
Genie17FemaleBelchertownTarget, Walmart, Marshalls giftcard
George7SpringfieldBakugan toy, Robot toys
George13GreenfieldBlack mid-calf Athletic socks, cushioned, wigwam or adidas brand. Size 8.
Geraldine7GreenfieldFashion forward style clothes size 8 girls. Size 2 girls shoes. Loves heels. Purple and teal are favorites.
Gia9FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Women's 12-14, Warm Winter Boots Women's Size 3
Grace7GreenfieldDisney princess deluxe princess baby doll. First choice Moana but loves them all.
Hallie11FemaleNorthamptonboots /shoes womens size 9, hat, mittens or gloves large, Winter Jacket XL, Tops are Large, Jeans size 9 Craft supplies, legos. JUNIOR DEPARTMENT)
Hannah9Brattleboroblack crocs, size 7 womens, leggings women's med (blue or black)
Heather10GreenfieldBiggest Among Us Pop It Toy
Henry14SpringfieldPlayStation card, Anything Bruins, size s-m in men's for shirts, Men's Body sprays. 14-16 boys stylish sweats or track pants, ankle socks
Henry12MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Boy's 14, Warm Winter Boots Men's Size 8-1/2
Henry14GreenfieldSteelSeries Rival 3 Gaming Mouse
Hunter17GreenfieldMen's Large Nike Pullover Sweatshirt
Isaac5GreenfieldPJ Masks Deluxe battle HQ
Izekiel1MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Toddler size 2, Warm Winter Boots Baby Size 7
Jacob9BrattleboroRC car, skateboard
Jade9FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Womans Medium, Warm Winter Boots Women's size 5
James11Bellows FallsPortable CD player w/headphones, Anything involving outside
Jamie14FemaleNorthamptonSize 6 shoes, Extra-Small in women's clothing.Light pink and white
Janira15FemaleAmherst6 in Boot size; Size 1 in jeans, small/medium in sweatpants, small/medium in short sleeve shirt/sweaters plain hts, gloves: small size woment's. Coat small/medium in women's. Likes hair adornmentsDark colors, nothing with prints on them
Jayden6MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Boys size 6/7, warm pants, hats, gloves, matchbox cars, coloring books, books
Jennifer11GreenfieldJeggings size 13 woman time and true blue
Jerry16MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Men's XL, Warm Winter Boots Men's Size 12
Jill15Springfieldmakeup sets, Nintendo switch gift cards, anything Pokemon, fidget toys, stylish knee high socks , drawing stuff
JJ9MaleAmherstBoots size 12/1 in boys, size 7/8 in boys clothes he wears everything long sleeve shirt short sleeve , eans sweatpants sweatshirt hoodies boys size for hat/mittens. size 8 socks reading games likes riding his bike he likes Legos all kinds of toys board gameshe is into Graphic T-shirts including everything roblox fortnite Star Wars soccer
Jody12GreenfieldPainting supplies ( acrylic paints, canvases, brushes )
John8GreenfieldGap or similar zip up sweatshirt hooded any color size 10-12
Johnny11MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Men's Small, Warm Winter Boots Men's Size 6=1/2
Jojo14MaleBelchertownTarget, Walmart, Marshalls giftcard
Jon-jon15FemaleBelchertown Target, Walmart, Marshalls giftcard
Joseph6MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Boy's Size 6, Warm Winter Boots Boy's Size 12
Judy12GreenfieldWinter boots size 9 women's
Julia8GreenfieldJojo siwa size 7/8
Justice12FemaleAmherstCoat - Girls size 14/16 Boots - Size 4black
Justin7BrattleboroPokemon and board games
Justin11MaleAmherst7 1/2 Boys or men's shoes, Shirts 12-14, Large Coat size.Dark Blue, Black, Red,
Kate10VernonArts and crafts, Room decor
Katlynn9BrattleboroWinter coat size 10 girls and movie tickets
Ken18Brattleboro21 games for Xbox 1 Magic cards
Kev2MaleNorthamptonSize 9 shoes, Kids-size 3Toddler in clothing size little kidsBlue
Kyler10MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Boy's 12-14, Warm Winter Boots Boy's Size 6-1/2
Layla10FemaleAmherstTarget or Walmart giftcard
Leila1GreenfieldBoard Books & Music Toys
Lenny13MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Men's Medium, Warm Winter Boots Men's Size 8-1/2
Lenny10MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Mens Medium, men's medium sweat pants, large socks, large gloves, hatsBlack/Gray
Liam12Vernon books and Legos
Liam14SpringfieldNew snow tube/sled, led lights for bedroom
Liam3MaleAmherstClothes 8 Toddler and boots #1 yr mediumBlue
Lincoln13GreenfieldPokemon or Minecraft related
Lisa17BrattleboroArt stuff, Fast furious 9movie collection
Lisa10Greenfield'Pop Movies' Baby Yoda
Lizzy9Brattleborodoll and doll accessories
Lucas8GreenfieldStreet hockey balls
Lucy6Putney likes coloring, my life doll clothing and accessories, makeup, nail stuff
Lulu11FemaleSouth HadleyTarget or Old Navy giftcard
Mack13MaleAmherstWinter Boots - Size 10 mens Winter Jacket - 2x mensBlack
Maddie13MaleFlorenceNo winter Jacket needed - size 7 mens bootsblack
Maggie12FemaleHadleyGift Card to Old Navy (Grandfather stated no clothing needed)
Marcie13FemaleFlorenceWomen's shoes size 8.5. Women's Jean's Size 5/6 with holes in them, Women's Medium Long Sleeved T-shirts 5Dark Blue, Black, Red, Gray
Marie14BrattleboroNike and or Adidas Joggers size junior medium,Nike and or Adidas hoodies size junior large (Yes Green,Red,or Black)
Marsha9FemaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Girls size 14/16, Boots kids size 3, hats, scarves, gloves, pj's, coloring books, bookspink/purple
Mason10GreenfieldWaterproof wireless speaker for shower
Matt11SpringfieldHarry Potter or Minecraft lego sets, Art stuff
Matt13GreenfieldStaples gift card
Melody17GreenfieldHarry Potter Themed Queen Bedding Set
Miles15GreenfieldMovie tickets ( Greenfield Garden Cinemas )
Naomi10GreenfieldKids Waterproof Camera
Nate17GreenfieldMen's Large Nike Hoodie
Nellie10FemaleHadleyCoat - Women's Medium/Boots - Women's size 9black/grey
Nina5FemaleAmherstClothes kids size 9/10 and boots size kids #2Purple
Nomar11MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Men's Small, Warm Winter Boots Men's Size 10-1/2 (Please choose noiseless fabric)
Olivia3GreenfieldLoves anything Mickey or Minnie Mouse
Oscar7ChesterLegos and art supplies
Patrick11Vernon arts and crafts or books
Penelope12GreenfieldSports wear size 12-14 (L) women's. Likes blue/teal. Size 8 women's shoe.
Penny10FemaleAmherstSnow boot size 4, Winter Jacket Kid size 14 - 16, Adult-small for shirts, pants adult small Black, Pink, Grey
Penny12GreenfieldPokemon brilliant diamond nintendo switch game
Raelynn17GreenfieldWomen's Bear Claw Boots size 8.5
Rebecca8FemaleAmherstSnow boot size 4, Winter Jacket Kid size 16 - 18, Adult-small for shirts, pants adult small Yellow and Pastels
Renee14FemaleSouth HadleyTarget or Walmart giftcard
Richard9GreenfieldWinter boots size boys 4
Robert12PutneyPokemon, camping/Hunting stuff
Roman16GreenfieldXbox one gaming headset
Rosai11FemaleNorthamptonSize 6 in Big Kids Shoes, Small in women's shirts and coats, size Girls XL in fleece lined leggins, Need snow pantsBlack and purple
Sara9Bellows FallsBarbies, Drawing book( loves to draw )
Shane12WillmingtonStar Wars Death Star Lego set, Star Wars Millenium Falcon Lego
Shawn12BrattleboroRC car
Sonya7AthensClothes size 12-14 girls (pink and red are favorite colors), arts and crafts
Stella14FemaleSouth HadleyAmazon/target/walmart giftcard
Stevie14MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Mens size Extra Large, Large gloves, Large hats, Large Socks, XL pj'sBlack/Gray
Tanya10SpringfieldFortnite bed set twin size, New Xbox 1 controller
Tara11Springfieldwireless remote control car/Fortnite toys
Ted12GreenfieldStaples gift card
Tessa17Brattleborohat, scarf, gloves (green ) gift card to target or amazon
Tina17HinsdaleToadstool Book store gift cert or Soul Emporium (Anything) Keene NH
Tobbie14MaleAmherstGift card to Old Navy or Target
Val11Brattleborotjmaxx gift card or clothes in women's medium (likes traditional girl colors)
Virginia9Greenfieldsize 10/12 black leggings (or any leggings) T-shirts
Wayne13BrattleboroRunnings giftcard, Sam's gift card
Will15BrattleboroRunnings giftcard, Sam's gift card
Winslow13MaleAmherstWarm Winter Coat Men's Large, Warm Winter Boots Men's Size 9-1/2
Yumi11FemaleBelchertownTarget, Walmart, Marshalls giftcard
Zoe15Brattleborogift cards to get nintedo switch games, socks, hat, gloves (likes the color pink)

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